Climate Data and Climate Activism, with Meg Ruttan Walker and Lucky Tran

76 minutes

This episode is all about the intersections of climate data and climate activism. Jacquelyn and Ramesh speak with two climate activists, Meg Ruttan Walker and Lucky Tran, who have come to this work from very different backgrounds, but who both realize that it takes a diversity of voices and tactics to achieve success.

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Show Notes:

Emma Marris’ Nature article about scientists getting political:

314 Action:

New York Times article about scientists finding a political pulse:

Jacquelyn’s Rally for Science remarks:

H. Holden Thorp's recent editorial, "Let's Not Overthink This":

Meg Ruttan Walker on Twitter:

Material Memory Podcast:

More about the importance of 350ppm

Photos of the climate protest that Ramesh’s students organized:

Lucky Tran's website:

Lucky Tran's 2020 talk at the American Geophysical Union, "How Activism and Movements Advance Science Policy and Social Justice":

March for Science:

The IPCC Special Report on 1.5°C Warming, as opposed 2°C Warming:

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