Climate Data and Art, Part 1 - The Tempestry Project and Jill Pelto

63 minutes

This episode of Warm Regards, the first of two on the intersections of climate data and art, will feature conversations with Emily McNeil and Justin Connolly, founders of the Tempestry Project, which uses climate data to create patterns that people can knit into scarves and tapestries, and Jill Pelto, a visual artist who incorporates climate data into a variety of natural landscapes. First, though, some thoughts on the US presidential election from our very relieved hosts.

Show Notes

Please visit our Medium page for a photos and images from the episode, as well as a full transcript:

You can find out more about the Tempestry Project and get your own kit at their website:

You can see some of the Tempestries created for US National Parks at this gallery:

To learn more about Warming Stripes, and create a custom visualization for your area, visit the project's website:

For more about Jill Pelto and her work, visit her website:

You can also purchase prints of Jill Pelto's work at her Etsy shop:

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