Changing Climate Beliefs with Jenn Marlon and Bob Inglis

57 minutes

This episode, part of our season-long look at the unexpected stories and effects of climate data, features two conversations about what people believe about climate change and what causes them to change those beliefs. First, we talk to Jenn Marlon to get an update on the changing numbers in the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication’s Six Americas survey. Then, we talk to former Representative Bob Inglis, who very publicly changed his beliefs on climate change, and now works to convince other fellow conservatives to support action on climate change.

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Show Notes

Dr. Jenn Marlon:

Bob Inglis:

Global Warming’s Six Americas, from the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication:

Take the Six Americas Super Short Survey (SASSY) to see which category you’re in:

Our first conversation with Jenn on Warm Regards, from April of 2018:!ba97c

For more on environmentalists and how they vote (and often don’t vote), listen to our conversation with Nathaniel Stinnett from the Environmental Voter Project:!aa6c1

"Climate Is Taking On a Growing Role for Voters, Research Suggests," the New York Times story that talks about the rising position of climate change as an issue public:

You can find out more about the work of Dr. Rachel Tilling and Dr. Kaustubh Thirumalai at their websites:

Rachel Tilling:

Kaustubh Thirumalai:

Inspired by the data story you heard and want to share yours with us? We’d love to hear it. You can leave us a voicemail by calling 586–930–5286 or record yourself and email it to us at

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